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Sure Signs That Your Home Needs Pest and Ant Control

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Pest control, including inspections and treatments for rodents, termites and ants, is a very vital part of maintaining your house and keeping it in good repair. Many pests damage a home's drywall, electrical wiring, and other such features and fixtures, and termites especially can cause severe damage to a home's wood framework. Ants and other insects are also unhealthy for your family and pets.

While you might consider annual pest inspections and treatments even if your home seems free of bugs and rodents, it's also good to note some signs that your home needs immediate pest control. Knowing when to call a pest control expert ensures that your home is always protected and that you and your family are safe from bothersome pests as well.

Odd Smells

Odd smells around your home often indicate the presence of rodents and their urine or droppings. Dead rodents or large insects also create an unpleasant smell in the home as they decompose! If you notice any odd and unpleasant smells that you cannot attribute to mould, mildew, and other such causes, call a pest control expert and have those odours checked for indications of rodents and insects.


Household pets typically notice rodents and insects in the home quite easily, long before any human sees those pets! Mice and rats behind the home's walls often attract the attention of cats in particular, and both cats and dogs tend to chase after large bugs and lines of ants in the kitchen or family room.

Remember that many invasive insects such as ants and other bugs tend to crawl near baseboards and along areas you might overlook but which are more obvious to pets on the floor. If your pets seem attentive to areas along the home's walls or baseboards, have an exterminator check for pests including ants and other bugs.

Droppings and Food Scraps

Rodents and insects often leave droppings and other signs of their presence in areas they inhabit. You might notice roach droppings along kitchen benchtops or in cabinets under the sink, or notice rodent droppings along baseboards in the kitchen.

Termites shed wings, often left behind on a home's windowsills. Ants and other such bugs often invade a home for food scraps and might tend to drop crumbs along the kitchen floor or in lower cabinets. No matter what's left behind by such pests, have a pest control professional examine these things and note if your home needs treatment for an infestation.