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Reasons Why Pests May Be Drawn To Your Basement

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Nobody wants to have to deal with a pest infestation in your home. Nevertheless, some homeowners do not realise that they could be posing the risk of an infestation by overlooking areas of the home. One of the most ignored spaces is the basement, making it at high risk of harbouring pests without your knowledge. If you are not on top of things, you may find that your house has become overrun with bugs and will have acquired significant structural damage in the process. The best way to stay ahead of this would be to ensure you know why pests may be drawn to your home and put measures in place to prevent this. So what are some of the reasons why pests may be attracted to your basement?

Excessive moisture in the basement

One of the things to note about bugs is that they will thrive in a damp environment. Pests prefer damp conditions as these circumstances provide them with a perfect place to breed, get nutrition and eventually spread. The basement being the lowest part of your home makes it susceptible to moisture from undetected leaks, water ingress from the soil, malfunctioning drainage systems and more.

It is crucial for homeowners to carry out routine inspections of their basements to ensure that water in not collecting inside it. In addition to this, it is also essential to invest in basement waterproofing so that any water ingress is stopped right in its tracks.

Excessive humidity in the basement

You may have taken measures to stop moisture from compromising your basement, but this does not mean it is free of the risk of pest infestations. In some cases, your basement may not have visible signs of moisture, but the air is thick with humidity. Humidity is common in the basement since it tends to be the least ventilated part of the home. Over time, the moisture in the air increases, and this makes your basement attractive to pests. The higher the humidity in the basement, the more your residence will be at risk of harbouring critters such as roaches, spiders, ants and even termites!

The best course of action to take would be to ensure your basement is receiving adequate airflow to maintain ventilation. In addition to this, you may want to consider purchasing a humidifier that will keep the air in your basement dry. It should be noted that high levels of humidity would also put your home at risk of mould and mildew. For more information, contact a business such as Allstate Pest Control.