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How to Make Moving to a New Home a Stress Free Experience for Your Dog

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Moving to a new house affects all members of your family. Of course, with most members of your family you can just sit down and talk about what needs to be done, along with talking about any concerns anyone might have. While you might talk to your family dog about moving house, it's not as though they can talk back! Moving to a new home can be a worrying experience for your dog, so you'll want to do everything you can to make the whole experience run as smoothly as possible.

A Babysitter

Does your dog need to be around on the day itself? Ask if a friend or family member can babysit for the day at their place. This allows your dog to be with someone familiar, even though they would obviously prefer to be at your side. But still, this is less stressful than having your dog around when the last of your possessions are packed away and your house removals company begins to carry items to the truck. Having a number of strangers around might be stressful for your dog anyway, and so it's better to remove them from the situation altogether. Pick your dog up when everything has been packed and the moving truck is on the road. Your dog will enjoy this part, since most dogs just love a road trip.

Your Dog's Belongings

Ensure that your dog's belongings are packed and transported together. You'll want to have easy access to their bedding, food, and any toys they might like. These familiar items (with their familiar smells) will help to comfort them when they arrive at an unfamiliar location. It might not be possible to have someone take the dog for the day when you arrive at your new home if you don't know anyone nearby. In this case, secure your dog in a suitable room with their familiar possessions. Allow them to explore their new home and backyard when the moving company has left.

The New Neighbourhood and Your Contact Details

As soon as you're unpacked, take your dog for a walk in your new surroundings, and take in a variety of walking routes over the coming days. It's not a foolproof plan, but some dogs might be able to find their way back to you if they should become lost in their new neighbourhood. It's also vital that you immediately update your dog's registration to your new area. If your dog is microchipped, ensure that your contact details contained within the chip are also updated.

Moving can be a stressful experience, but by following these easy tips, you can certainly reduce any stress that your beloved pooch might be going through.